Feel The Future

A surreal experience for your senses


At Nex, we don’t just stop at today. We see what the future looks like. Our home appliances go beyond function. They are made to evoke human emotion. Every Nex appliance is made for elevating experiences.

Our philosophy

Nex is built on three foundations; Idea, Innovation, and Intuition. We look at the electrical appliances from a fresh perspective. We question their impact on human lives. We seek answers to enhance human experience. We ideate relentlessly to deliver the best. Innovation is at the heart of our actions. All our machines are fine-tuned to solve human problems. We constantly challenge ourselves and look beyond the norm. Finally, we drive our efforts with human intuition. We identify small conveniences that make a difference in lives. We move beyond the excess and focus on what’s important to the user.

Our mission

We have set out to revolutionise home appliances. We study the impact of appliances on our lives, how they interact with us, and how they make us feel. We fine-tune the ordinary and deliver the extraordinary.

Our Vision

We are rethinking the everyday. The small things that impact our lives but barely make it to the forefront. We are changing the mundane and making it big. Because to feel the next, we need to look beyond the present and think a new. We are re-engineering our thinking and delivering experiences that inch you closer to the future.