31 Mar 2024
What is Aeirology and why is it important to know about it?

How often do you look up and wonder about the performance of your ceiling fan? 

Once a month?

Once a year? 

We do it every day. At Nex we are obsessed at engineering something intangible yet essential for our comfort, air. In fact, we perfected this technology to deliver the right performance by going back to the basics of a fan design – the motor and the blade.

This is how Aeirology came to life. It is an engineering platform that we have perfected to channelize the flow of air such that it delivers 20% higher air thrust under the fan* when compared to conventional ceiling fans.

What does it mean?

Aeir (From the word Air) and logy (meaning the study of) is a terminology that encompasses taking an ordinary machine and marrying it with extraordinary engineering, design, and technology to make high speed ceiling fans that elevate the spaces you spend most of your lives in.

This passion to bring a change has led us to discover new possibilities. Today, we have a whole range of ceiling fans which challenge the status quo in every way. We have put the Indian consumers at the core of our design philosophies, making sure our beautifully designed ceiling fans fit every Indian home. We have taken the hottest summers into consideration when engineering the blades that give the best air spread. We have even found a way to silence the most powerful motors so that nothing comes between you and your sleep. That is the power of Aeirology. 

Why does it matter?

In an industry where ceiling fans deliver a similar level of performance and power savings, the Aeirology promise from Nex is a breath of fresh air. It delivers on the promise of elevated human comfort.

Remember the last time when you were sitting under a ceiling fan and could not believe that it was switched on, even though the blades were moving? That is how uneven a conventional ceiling fan’s air throw can be. Without intention, a fan can keep rotating at a very high speed, but not necessarily give a feeling of high air thrust to the consumer. Nex, changes this completely. With Aeirology, we have engineered a way to increase the ceiling fan’s air thrust by 20%*, especially right under the fan. Finally, a ceiling fan that gives an elevated air experience no matter where you sit in the room.

How does Aeirology change things?

Right from a range of patented technologies to innovative thinking. Here is what makes Aeirology come alive in Nex Fans and delivers on the promise of 20% higher air thrust* and elevated comfort –

  • AirfluenceTM blades: Our patented blade designs are innovative to say the least. The specially designed Aerofil ABS Plastic blades are optimized for maximum air thrust and minimum drag, making them smooth and airy.
  • PeakTorqTM Motor: The motor is the heart of any fan. Our patented custom-tuned induction motor makes for a range of high speed ceiling fans. It has 100% copper winding that helps deliver exceptional torque and power.
  • PeakTorque BLDC: A power efficient Brushless DC motor makes for a range of efficient BLDC ceiling fans. It has 100% copper winding that helps deliver high torque and power. There’s no compromising on the life of the fan.
  • SharqFin Blades: As swift as a shark, A Bio-inspired innovation that is designed to reduce drag, improve efficiency, and minimize noise without compromising on speed.
  • Fluidic Precision: A seamless integration of design and function. The modern looks and stand out performance are a match unlike any.
  • Hi-Speed: A higher RPM capability for maximum performance.
  • Adjustable Downrod Cover: Style meets convenience. Aesthetically pleasing downrod covers that are also height adjustable, so that the entire fan looks stunning.
  • Remote Control Operation: No need for wall mounted regulators. Command the fan through an IR remote.
  • Point Anywhere Remote: The Nex RF remote technology allows you to control your fan without directly pointing towards it.
  • Conclusion

    Aeirology is here to change air forever. 20% higher air thrust*, beautiful designs, innovations in individual components make the new range of Nex fans just the thing that suits your home. To check out the range online, click here.


    *Tested and verified by DSIR laboratory, with air thrust under the fan vs. conventional star rated fan.

    By Nex
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