26 Apr 2024
Which NEX Fan is the right one for you

Ceiling fans are not just a functional necessity, it is also a crucial part of your home decor. While there are many options available to choose from, knowing which one to pick can be confusing. Do not worry, we are here to help pick just the perfect fit for your space.

At Nex, we aim to create the best consumer experience for our users. With Aeirology™ as our patented technology platform, which offers 20% higher air thrust*, and with a design language of Fluidic Precision, you get the right blend of innovative thinking and design that feels custom-made, just for you.

First, consider your needs.

There are some key aspects you need to consider. Which space do you need the fan for? How big is the size or the space? For small rooms of up to 75 sq.ft., you can choose a 600mm-900mm ceiling fan. For medium rooms of up to 145 sq.ft., a 900mm-1200mm fan is ideal. For large rooms of up to 225 sq.ft., a 1400mm fan is better suited. Most Indian households are medium sized, which makes Nex’s 1200mm fans the perfect choice. Once you know that, think of the features you want in your fan. Should it be remote controlled? Should it have smart features? Is the motor powerful, efficient, and reliable?

Knowing these will help your buying journey get easier. 

Next, consider the style.

At Nex, we design fans like you design your living spaces – with love and attention to detail. They are designed to look like in motion, even when static. When you pick Nex, you pick a piece of home décor. The cuts and creases will make you think that they are sculpted by air. Not just that, each fan has been designed to seamlessly blend into the aesthetics of your room. You cannot go wrong when you pick from our aesthetically striking ceiling fans. Our range of Glyde series ceiling fans offered in modern and elegant colours like Granite Grey, Mist Brown, & Blush complement the style and look of your furnishings. And, if solid colours are not your thing, then the Dryft series with wooden textures and a unique slate gold & chestnut brown colour might be the choice to go with. Nex fans are coated with a metallic lacquer makes it easy to clean with just a swipe. We have also gone the extra length to make sure there is no part of the fan that does not look chic. Nex fans come with premium adjustable downrod covers with metallic gloss accent. Whether your décor looks contemporary, modern, or traditional, there’s a Nex fan that’s made just for your space.

If performance matters the most

We have not just made ceiling fans; we have engineered them for elevated comfort. Nex ceiling fans have patented SharqFin™ low noise blade design, which in conjunction with the AirFluence™ profile, reduces drag and noise, while still maintaining the right form factor at high speeds that gives 20% higher air thrust*. This changes how air feels against your skin. Get ready to be blown away with an extra ordinary experience with our high-performance fans: NEX Dryft A90 BLDC (https://nexlife.in/Fans/Details?Id=1), NEX Dryft A90 (https://nexlife.in/Fans/Details?Id=16), NEX Glyde A70 BLDC (https://nexlife.in/Fans/Details?Id=4), NEX Glyde A60 (https://nexlife.in/Fans/Details?Id=7), NEX Glyde A50 (https://nexlife.in/Fans/Details?Id=10), & NEX Glyde A40 (https://nexlife.in/Fans/Details?Id=13).

When you’re looking for savings

What’s better than ceiling fans that are cost-efficient? Ceiling fans that are cost-efficient and do not compromise on performance! Look at our powerful and highly efficient range of Supersaver fans across the Dryft & Glyde series. Packed with BLDC high-stack motors or Super-efficient Induction AC motors, containing 100% copper winding, Dryft A90 BLDC, NEX Glyde A70 BLDC, & NEX Glyde A50 are some of our fans that will make power savings a breeze.

Smart is the new cool.

We all have those lazy moments when we wish to operate the fan from any corner of the room. You can do just that with our remote-controlled range! We have developed the smart, ‘point anywhere’ remote operated ceiling fans like the NEX Dryft A90 BLDC, & IR remote control in NEX Glyde A70 BLDC fan.

Nex’s innovative technology, purposeful design, and exemplary performance is bound to give you an elevated air experience. And, with so many to choose from, we’re sure you can find the fan that is meant for you.

Nex fans are truly a class apart. Click here to choose your Nex fan.


*Tested and verified by DSIR laboratory, with air thrust under the fan vs. conventional star rated fan.

** Yearly savings (calculated for 4 units of NEX Glyde A70 BLDC) vs. conventional non-star minimum requirement, based on 16-hour daily usage at INR 7 per kWh.

By Nex
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