04 May 2023
Why BLDC Fans are the talk of the town

While ceiling fans hasn’t been a category that has seen big innovations, the recent introduction of a new motor has brought in a hype that’s totally worth it. But, why does it matter to you, the everyday consumer? Because it impacts two key aspects – Savings and performance.

Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) Motor, is the modern innovation in ceiling fans. While it is slightly more expensive than regular motors, this technology comes with a whole lot of benefits that make it a great choice for your home.

How is a BLDC motor different from a conventional motor?

A BLDC ceiling fan’s motor is designed to remove the friction and heat that makes a conventional motor use extra power for the same output. A BLDC motor runs without the carbon brushes. When a current is passed through the motor, it rotates using electric sensors rather than using Carbon brushes. This greatly reduces the drag, noise, and required power input. It makes the motor more efficient and long lasting as there are fewer moving components. Even the maintenance of these motors is easier than conventional motors.

What makes BLDC motor a great choice

Here are some key advantages of the BLDC motor –

  1. Reduction in power consumption by up to 60% over regular induction motors.
  2. Greatly reduced motor noise from the ceiling fans.
  3. Easier to maintain as it has fewer moving parts inside the motor.
  4. Longer life span than conventional induction motors.
  5. These motors aren’t prone to sparks or mechanical damage as they do not have carbon brushes.
  6. They are good at giving a consistent performance even with variable fluctuations in power.
  7. Most BLDC ceiling fans come with remote controls that add to your comfort.

Nex range of BLDC fans that might just be a great pick for your

At Nex, we have engineered our fans with Aeirology that helps increase the air thrust of our ceiling fans by 20%*. To add to this, we have a range of BLDC motor ceiling fans that gives you power savings to the tune of nearly 50%**. Choosing a Nex BLDC fan is probably the easiest choice you can make. Here are some of our BLDC motor ceiling fans -

NEX Dryft A90 BLDC

A fan that is not just a looker, but also a performer.

  1. 5-star rating
  2. Aeirology™ for 20% higher air thrust*
  3. SharqFin™ low noise design**
  4. Point anywhere remote control
  5. Innovative AirFluence™ ABS blade
  6. Superior savings

NEX Glyde A70 BLDC

The high-speed ceiling fan for the modern home.

  1. 5-star rating
  2. Aeirology™ for 20% higher air thrust*
  3. AirFluence™ aluminium blade
  4. Remote control operation
  5. Superior savings
  6. Easy clean design


*Tested and verified by DSIR laboratory, with air thrust under the fan vs. conventional star rated fan.

**Aerofoil ABS blades resulting in low noise vs. metal blades

***Tested against non-star rated fans

By Nex