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NEX fans are engineered with the proprietary Aeirology™ Technology Platform, which delivers an elevated air experience by combining PeakTorq™ motors and AirFluence™ blades. This unique technology allows our fans to produce 20% higher air thrust and energy efficiency, resulting in a more comfortable environment and lower cooling costs. Additionally, our design philosophy prioritizes human comfort and code needs.

Aeirology™ is NEX's proprietary technology platform that delivers an elevated air experience. Specifically, for our ceiling fans, it means 20% higher air thrust, resulting in a more comfortable environment and lower cooling costs. It reflects our design philosophy, which prioritizes human comfort and code requirements.

PeakTorq™ BLDC motors are custom-tuned, high-stack Brushless DC motors with double ball bearings and 100% copper winding, delivering exceptional torque and power for higher air thrust in NEX fans.

PeakTorq™ motors are custom-tuned, high-stack induction motors with double ball bearings and 100% copper winding that deliver exceptional torque and power for higher air thrust in NEX fans.

AirFluence™ ABS blades are specially designed Aero-foil ABS plastic blades that are optimized to maximize air thrust while minimizing drag and noise. ABS plastic is also a durable and lightweight material that is resistant to impact and corrosion, making it an ideal choice for NEX fans.

AirFluence™ Aluminum blades are custom-designed blades with proprietary profiles, bends, and angles that maximize air thrust in NEX fans. Aluminum is also a durable and lightweight material that is resistant to corrosion, making it an excellent choice for our fans.

Our specially designed 24watt BLDC motor has amongst the lowest power consumption resulting in highest efficiency without compromising the performance.

These are specially designed premium down rod covers with a height adjustment feature that allows the fan to be hung at different heights depending on the specific needs of the room or space where it is being installed. They also work great with false ceilings.

This is a patent pending Bio-Inspired blade technology. It helps the ABS blades to reduce drag and minimize noise during operation. This allows the blade to move more at higher RPMs while maintaining stability & rigidity.

Selected Nex models have a dust-resistant metallic lacquer coating that ensures ease of cleaning the fan blades with just one swipe. This feature makes cleaning the fan blades quick and effortless, providing hassle-free maintenance for your Nex ceiling fan.

You can connect with our NEXpert through WhatsApp support number 7045130000 / Customer Care: 022-41930000

Yes, the entire range of NEX ceiling fans are BEE star rated. Nex ceiling fan range has models with 1 star, 2 star, 4 star & BLDC 5 Star. They are designed to consume less power while ensuring 20% higher air thrust, compared to conventional ceiling fans.

While it's always recommended to consult a professional electrician for installation, Nex ceiling fans can be installed by the average homeowner. They come with step-by-step installation instructions & video.

Nex Ceiling Fans come with industry standard Product warranty of 2 years with BLDC models having 5 year warranty on motor(along with 2 years on other parts). This covers defects in materials and workmanship, and gives you peace of mind knowing your fan is built to last.

To clean your NEX fans, turn off the power supply and use a brush or soft cloth to clean the body and blades of the fan.

Nex Point Anywhere Remote works on RF technology that allows users to control devices without the need for a direct line of sight. RF signals can pass through solid objects, unlike infrared (IR) signals, which require a clear line of sight. RF remote technology presents convenience to operate the fan from the comfort of your bed or sofa. It offers multiple operation modes – Timer, Speed, Fine mode, and Power on/off.


A BLDC motor (Brushless Direct Current) produces less heat & noise and is more energy efficient. It requires less maintenance and has a longer life span than an induction motor.

Yes, NEX fans can be used in low ceilings rooms.

Yes, they can be used . One must ensure the compatibility of the solar power system with the fan’s/coolers requirements.

Yes, all Nex fans are BEE star rated and are compatible with inverter power supply.

Yes, Nex Fans can be used both outdoors and Indoors

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