21 May 2024
Ceiling Fan Power Consumption

Ceiling Fan Power Consumption.

How does the Power Consumption of a Ceiling Fan Affect You?

The smallest of things that impact our daily lives, often go unnoticed. It’s easy to overlook how much, say, a ceiling fan affects your life! They are of utmost importance, a necessity even, in most parts of India, and invariably hold great advantage to themselves. Along with providing a respite from those sultry summer months, they are widely preferred to more expensive forms of cooling devices, be it your air conditioners or coolers.

However, the ceiling fans electricity consumption goes unnoticed amongst the more energy intensive appliances like AC, Water Heater, Water Pump etc. If you assume a 3 BHK house, with a total of 5 fans installed, running an average of 2 fans continuously for 16 hours per day, then this running cost will have an impact on your monthly electricity bill.

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How much Power does an Electric Ceiling Fan Consume?

The input power required for a ceiling fan is measured in watts. This input power is primarily affected due to 2 factors – Motor & Blade. The type of motor, and its configuration, used in the ceiling fan will determine how much power it uses. In addition, the profile, shape, weight, & length of blades, will result in a certain load on the motor that affects the power consumption of the motor, to rotate the blades at a certain speed.

A regular 1-Star BEE rated ceiling fan consumes about 52 Watt of electricity.

Below table explains the power consumption & electricity bill associated with it.

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